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Invisalign Technology: How Aligners Are Made

Invisalign Technology: How Aligners Are Made

Technology is incredibly helpful for planning your Invisalign® treatment and producing your custom aligners. Here our Surrey dentists explain some of the important technologies for your Invisalign treatment. 

Technology That Helps Our Dentists Plan Your Treatment


During your first consultation, your dentist will use the iTero intraoral scanner to digitally produce an accurate 3D image of your teeth, mouth, and jaw. iTero's 3D scans are detailed enough that there is no reason for your dentist to use the traditional messy molds.

iTero's intraoral scanner takes an incredible 6000 images per second when scanning your teeth, giving your dentist and the Invisalign technicians a high-resolution, interactive, image of your smile and oral structures.

ClinCheck Software

ClinCheck software provides your dentist with useful tools for constructing customized treatment plans. This plan lays out your Invisalign treatment from beginning to end.

ClinCheck gives your dentist the ability to customize your orthodontic treatment each step along the way. ClinCheck software is used to calculate just the right amount of force to facilitate each tooth movement, helping to ensure that every tooth will be moved in the right order and at just the right time. 

Creating Your Clear Custom Aligners

Your iTero scans and personalized treatment plan are sent to the Invisalign manufacturing facility where your unique aligners will be custom made to move your teeth gradually into their corrected positions. With Invisalign, every aligner is unique, designed specifically to shift only targeted teeth based on your treatment plan.

Comfort is important when it comes to orthodontic treatment. Your aligners will be made from Invisalign's specially engineered SmartTrack material. SmartTrack was designed to help give Invisalign clear aligners a comfortable fit. SmartTrack also helps to make your aligners easy to remove and put back onto your teeth.

Each patient's gumline is unique to their smile. Invisalign aligners are individually trimmed to help your aligners feel, fit, and look better. 

If you have more questions regarding the Invisalign treatment process contact our Straight Smile Centres today and we will be happy to discuss.

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